Sunny Day

Today feels like the first sunny day we have had in the Baltimore area for what seems like a month. The rain has been annoying and most people can not wait for it to end. However, in reality I do not mind. Many of these rain storms we are getting caused catastrophic damage to much of the mid west. I hope the weather there lets up on them soon. I remember living in Texas and being in some pretty bad storms.

This past weekend Kris and I went to a well known wine tasting event in Maryland called Wine in the Woods. It is exactly what it sounds like – they set tents up in the “woods” and you try many different wines. The reason woods is in quotations is because I really would not quality where they have it the woods. Its right next to many business development areas as well as a huge mall and a college. However, it was such a fun event even with all the mud and rain. I tried many wines that I look forward to buying in the future as well as many that I never want to drink again. I now know that I do not like any chocolate flavored wine due to how thick it is and I will not be trying anymore raspberry wines.

Kris and I had a little tiff during the day. It was nothing major. We always talk about communication and to be honest we both are doing a great job with it. Sometimes, it just doesn’t flow like it should. He got irritated and stated he was not sure how to put into words what he was thinking. I felt helpless, like I did something and now I have no idea what I did so I had no idea how to fix this. 

I am a HUGE proponent for working out issues as soon as possible. I wanted to talk things out right there since his friends went off to the restroom but he kept saying it’s nothing. I do not believe in that. If something upsets you, it means something. No matter how small you think it is. I am so used to dating people who do not care when things upset me and all they say is “you’ll get over it”. I never want that again. 

While we were standing there I thought to myself this is one of them times that I always talk about to others… about how if my BF and I are having issues no one we are with will know because its really not their business. I decided to actually live up to my thought process. It seemed to work, his friends did not seem to see anything going on between us. I continued to laugh and carry on with them.

I hated myself for being cold to him and going forward when things like this happen I will get better with not being cold to him. This way when we finally do sit down to talk about whatever it was we will both be in a good mind space as long as he is not being cold to me too. This never ends well. 

I do not want us to be one of them couples. I want us to be a couple who actually sits and talks out our issues, resolves them, and moves on with no grudges. This is something I am not used to. The last relationship I had the guy would be upset for a day or days after even when I was trying to make things right again. 

Since meeting Kris there have been some pretty major things that have come up. We have sit, talked about it all, and moved on. I love that!!! Sometimes when we finish talking it out and I KNOW he is trying to move us along I get weird – like that’s it, we’re moving on? Here he is trying to talk about something else or make plans for the future with me. I do not mean to think that in a negative way. I am just not used to someone wanting to go back to good times so quickly. I will get used to this, I just hope he understands I need some more time. 

I am so glad Kris seems to accept my craziness/flaws. I keep telling him I hope I do not give him any red flags that makes him question being with me. Every time I say that he says there have been none. I love that about him.

Kris likes to make plans with me too, sometimes they are close and other times he wants to make plans for well down the road. This makes me think that he truly does love me and sees a future with me. 

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