Starting Out Vegan

Hello. This is my first journal so I’m not even too sure where to start.

Its been 3 days since my boyfriend and I have decided to transition into the life of being full vegan & we couldn’t be happier! I, personally have already started to detox, so I am breaking out all over my body & getting very bloated if I eat too much fat. But so far, so great!!

I just want to explain to everyone that Mike and I have decided to do high carb, low fat vegan. The reason we have decided this, is because high carb keeps our body fueled with the nutrients we need & I can lose weight this way. Now, Mike should be having high fat as well because I know he wants to work on his muscles, however, this is easier right now so we are both eating the same things!

Some background: I am 20 and Mike is 24, I am 195 pounds (recently have lost 20 pounds), and Mike hovers around 155 pounds. I am 5′ 4″ & Mike is 6′. He would like to lose some weight and bulk up & I would like to lose at least 50 more pounds and then start toning and leaning out my body!!

These are our goals in terms of health reasons. We went vegan for 3++ reasons!!
1. Our health – which we talked about
2. The environment – where I will do a separate blog about “What Animal Agriculture is doing to our Environment”
3. The animals – where I will do a separate blog about what the meat, egg and dairy industry does to these poor animals!

These are just some of the reasons we have gone vegan & I will go in depth a little further about my health in tomorrows blog. As for today, I think this has been a good intro blog & I look forward to sharing more info with you guys!!

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