Gone like a bubble

I get it! I feel by the way you treat me that i am not the ‘typical gorgeous looking’ girl you’ve hooked up with. Your jokes aren’t funny! I get that my boobs aren’t that huge unlike these porn stars you watch at night or the previous busty girls you have hook up with. I’m a proud B cup and they are fucking perky, you jackass!  i don’t need any of your fucking comments like seriously?! And after commenting you will expect to hook up with you? Don’t you have any fucking choice?

I finally have the guts to cut off any connections we have since 24th of April and last night you messaged me on instagram saying “Thanks for unfollowing me :)” I suddenly freaked out like hell! But then i realised that i shouldn’t waste my time and energy on you anymore.
I know that you’re curious why i suddenly disappear and i didn’t even say good bye. I promised myself not to reply back or even see your message. This is just the way it is. 
I know we don’t have any labels(although we act like a couple at times) but i accidentally saw you flirting with another girl on your phone after we had sex. I wish you would see my reaction but you were to busy to notice. Despite that i still acted cool and normal cuz afterall we’re just two people fooling around! I hate that sometimes you make me feel so special. You’re making me fall into you each time we were together. Maybe its just an infatuation? But still.. i need to get away from you! This is just not right.
I started to finally know my boundaries that’s why i’m suddenly gone like a bubble in your life.
I blame myself for easily falling from someone like you. For some reason, you remind me of my ex who’s also an asshole. I’m just protecting myself from doing it again. Can you blame me? 
I am once a fool and i don’t want to be that girl anymore. I know that if i keep on doing this with you, i would probably the one who will be broken. again. This is just the way it is.  Good bye J.

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