Broken Hearts, MySpace and More Broken Hearts

December 2001

The months went by and as puppy love does,  it faded for Ellie. It didn’t help that Jon lived clear across the city and they only saw each other about three times whenever Jon’s brother Mike would drive him to her house. Jon would get upset when Ellie wouldn’t call him and vice versa, the same when one of them didn’t sign online to chat. The two were all kinds of busy with typical high school homework, sports, school activities and dances that left very little time for them to make a “long distance” relationship work. Distance was a huge factor for two teenagers who barely knew anything about “love” at all. 

The breakup was ugly. Childish. Sad. Ellie broke Jon’s heart into a million pieces when she said the words, “It’s just not working Jon, it’s too hard and we are too busy for each other”. In his shock and disbelief Jon replied, “I don’t understand, we love each other, I thought you wanted to be with me? When people love each other they work through it and make it work.” Saddened and unsure of herself, “I do love you, maybe when we are older and it’s easier to see each other. I’m so sorry Jon, I have to go, I’m sorry.” Dial tone. “What the hell?” Jon thought to himself. Let’s admit it, that was a bitch move on her part. But let’s remember, these are fifteen and sixteen year old kids we are talking about here. When was the last time you met a fifteen year old that express themselves precisely without feeling an ounce of guilt or a thousand other emotions at the same time that collide with problems with their friends or family members. Being a teenager is the hardest thing in the world, when you are a teenager. Does that make any sense? Anyway…

Jon called her phone line and her parents phone line constantly for the next two days. He even went as far as having Mike drive him all the way to her house to plead with her. She refused to see or speak with him. She didn’t know how to express herself to him, so she simply didn’t. He didn’t understand, and that’s all he wanted to do, was figure it out. 

November 2003

Things were left stray and the two didn’t speak for quite a long time. They went about their teenage lives and went through the rest of the motions of high school. The days of MySpace emerged and low and behold, the MySpace friend request. It was the newest thing since AOL Chat rooms and made up web page profiles by teenagers. It was a social media profile page that displayed your name, age, location, picture and top 8 friends on your friends list. You could publish a small “about me” section that included what you liked, loved and hated. It was nothing but bound to happen that Ellie and Jon would find one and other on the interwebs yet again. 

Ellie was searching around one day and came across Jon’s page. She stared at the friend request button for about five minutes and thought to herself in her most delicate lady like way, “fuck it.” request sent. She didn’t expect this boy whom she took his heart and stomped all over to accept it, but figured it was worth a shot. It was just the waiting game now. What should she care anyway? She was dating the high school basketball three-point king who was now a freshman in college in New York. She had a College boyfriend and she was gearing up for what would be her most important softball season thus far. The last thing she needed was a distraction like Jon, “shouldn’t have clicked it, shit.” She thought to herself still staring at the bright blue screen in the dark of the room. But something sat in the back of her mind, she was curious and wanted to know what Jon had been up to for the last two years. Maybe she’ll find out maybe not. She decided to leave it up to fate. Ellie signed off line as usual because it was time for her and Ricky (her high school sweet heart and big college squeeze) to have their nightly chat. 

This was a long distance relationship. She giggled to herself a little as she remembered when her and Jon had broken up their “long distance” relationship.

Ricky was a tall, white, strawberry blonde haired guy with dark blue eyes. He was an all-american goody-two-shoes kind of guy who didn’t drink or do drugs. Ellie held him on a throne with his heart of gold and open ears and mind. He and Ellie dated for about two and half years in high school. They were both jocks, popular as individuals and popular as a couple. He normally tried to keep Ellie on track, the party scene called her name, because once you reach sixteen or seventeen and hanging out with upper class-men, you’re bound to cross the border to Mexico and party. Since he didn’t do those things, those were the few things they fought about. Other than that they were the ideal high school couple. He went off on his basketball scholarship and she was about to get scouted by all the biggest names in NCAA softball there was. 

She dialed his number that she knew by heart and had a smile on her face as she waited for him to answer. “Sorry Ricky’s got his hands tied!” was the line that interrupted her happy thoughts. As quickly as she heard the bubbly girl’s voice, she heard dial tone right after. “What the hell?” she thought in shock and awe as she slammed the phone down. She knew. She wasn’t stupid. The phone rang, Ricky’s name popped up on the caller ID. Ellie decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Bad idea. He didn’t even try to lie about who answered the phone. “I’m sorry Ellie, I mean I am off at college now. You have no idea what college offers. You’ll see when you go, if you go.” The egotistical ass hat said so confidently. “Go fuck yourself Ricky!”. Ellie slammed the phone down and punched the wall. Mom wasn’t going to like the hole she just put in it. 

“Never again. Fuck this.” Ellie thought to herself as she tore out his old t-shirts and letters and stuffed animals he has given her over the years. She ripped down all the pictures of the two of them and sobbed herself to sleep that night. 

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  1. Good for her! It’s so moving to think that we are at a time where women have the self respect to stand up for themselves.

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