Fairy tale goes wrong

From the first day i met you, i fell in love but i didn’t have the courage to speak to you. Now that you’re gone, i know that the most painful thing in my life is to never speak to you even though i love you. i didn’t know what i was thinking back then, but i must be a bloody coward to do that. Every day, i dream about you and me doing cute things together. i even dream about our future, but when i open my eyes to the real world, you’re gone. i suddenly notice that that i let go off a boy i can never forget very easily. Every day i try to smile and comfort myself that i will meet you again, but who got second chances? Every day disappears into the distance and i start to think of all the negative details about us. i start to notice that i am a girl who got bad grades in school and a bad family, while you got everything, a great caring family and an extraordinary mind. i realize that maybe you belong to someone smarter, someone who has a better family, someone who has a great life…unlike me. i used to think that i need you because my life is bad enough and i want a person who fully knows the meaning of happiness to show me the bright side of the world. But then i start to doubt myself and tell myself that i will never belong in your world. Oh god, I’m i right or I’m i wrong to think i this? How can i love someone who i never talk to me and doesn’t even like me? Do i belong with him?


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