“wish list, bucket list” said by some white woman in some sort of official capacity, here a@ St. Louis Bread Co. Sitting with her is some white man, running his mouth and explaining his words, but why would an explanation be necessary? I am so sick of these people who are taken so seriously and with such credibility by people with power to help, yet they are talking to the wrong people, as usual.

Such is organized stalking, police and federal involvement, liars being believed and the victims like me, ignored and not even asked or ever talked to for one second. Oy vey. Clusterfuck of a situation here in Saint Louis MO.

Welcome to hell. Used to be safe and nice here.

I should go tell that woman that she is talking to and laughing with the wrong guy. “it’s ok. Somebody’s on that” is what she just laughed loudly and said for all to here. He has a contract with someone and she was pregnant at the same time with some woman involved. Now she’s asking about funding and he already talked about volunteers, craziness and complicated. Could this guy be any more crooked or guilty? I think not. He even complained about $ 125 for therapy or some such thing. Hope that purple button down shirt and tie saves his soul. Now she’s talking about doftware and was talking about a database earlier. I know purple is a very organized crime color and people get away with attempted murder publicly using it. How do I know? People claiming the color purple have attemtped to murder me publicly many times since 2010 here in south city. This guy makes me sick. She makes me sick. I should head out tot the FBI now. People are using their security cameras for illegalities and talking about what I type in real time, just as they have countless times here and the library. It is ridiculous.

When I end up murdered, remember I was the one who got interrogated and tortured to talk for over 6 years and going. They call it entertainment. It is exploitation and conspiracy to murder, no matter how good a game they talk or cover it up.

She is talking about how interesting it is to watch the violence and is talking about synchronization and laughing. Hate. These. People. They are everywhere and I don’t care what fucking color they wear or how much money they have. I do not care who they knjow or what connections they have. Wrong is wrong. Federally illegal. Torture. Conspiracy to murder. USC Title 18, USC laws against hate crimes. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Shit. There apparently no justice in the world unless you’re rich, have the right last name, OR the right position.

Uck. Remember me fondly when I am dead.

Please help one another, especially strangers and children.

P.S. My relatives are also innocent, no matter what you hear or think.

<3 you all!

Please, please help each other and be peaceful and loving. One love. One heart. <3

Je t'aime. <3

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