Wednesday 25th May (Procrastination Day)

Well, as usual I has great plans of writing everyday, but my expectations are somewhat deluded! So today, is one of the days where procrastination has consumed me, I appear to be busy but have achieved sweet fuck all!

My final assignment for uni is due in on Friday at 4pm (with an extension) so realistically I should be knee deep in research papers (you would think?) the truth is I have attempted to use any avoidance tactic I can find to defer the inevitable…completing an assignment.  Currently, I am surrounded by a shopping delivery (the ice creams are possibly defrosted by now), piles of clothes (not belonging to me but to a friend who’s washing machine no longer functions), a messy house and most importantly a blank white board awaiting some kind of structured plan to complete my assignment.

I believe that I am a wise person and if my friend had told me that they were currently in the above scenario, my words of wisdom would be…Stop offering help to others. Get someone else to do the shopping and my final point would be to “pull your finger out of your arse and get the assignment done!”.

I am starting to wonder if it is a personality trait of mine or a gendered thing to do?  All the same I now have one hour and eight minutes until I have to pick up the twins aged 5  and most likely a few extra children just to make my life easier.

At this point I am now realising that the dream world I appear to hide in, is not helping one little bit!

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