Chapter 2: Entering the Adult World

The Friend Request

Jon eventually accepted the friend request, but Ellie was far jaded by then and didn’t go online very much anymore. She was busy with school and finishing senior year. Not to mention going to Juarez, Mexico for the $10 drink and drown special at the Tequila Derby and dancing on the bar. Jon was enrolled at the community college and working at a call center. He had his ducks in a row and goals he wanted to reach. He didn’t spend much time online either. The pair had their lives and continued on with them. They had chatted once or twice, the typical “How have you been?” and “I’m happy you’re happy.” conversations, other than that they didn’t say much. They were in different stages in life still and it was probably for the better.

June 2004

Ellie graduated high school a very angry and bitter 18 year old. Her high school sweet heart had been cheating on her every time the chance arose, her family was still struggling financially from the legal fight for her nephews and to top things off, she tore her ACL mid season and had to kiss every scholarship opportunity goodbye. Her relationship with her parents wasn’t a good one. She had been working as a hostess at a restaurant for a little while and decided to move in with two of her co workers. She was 18 afterall, an invincible 18 year old who knew everything and knew she was on her own from this point on. That’s what most 18 year olds think anyway right? She wasn’t any different in this matter. 

Party Girl

Ellie had definitely grown from the small tomboyish girl she was. With the help of her roommates she was wearing clothes that fit her and showing more skin. She even started wearing heels. One Friday she was walking to class on the community college campus in a mini skirt, crop top and wedged heels, and noticed that she was definitely turning heads. She had never really been looked at as the “pretty girl” or a “hot girl” before, and it felt good. Guys had to get in line to get her number and she didn’t mind it all. But all that aside, Ellie had one rule, no relationships or anything of it’s kind. She was out to get hers (get laid) and get out. She never let guys stay the night at her place and she never stayed at theirs. She didn’t cuddle and she didn’t want to get to know anyone. Some might consider this the behavior of a slut, but if it was a guy in this position, it wouldn’t be frowned upon (fucking double standard). Either way, Ellie didn’t give a damn what anyone thought, it was her life, her decision and her vagina, she’d do what she’d want with all of those as she pleased. 

Eventually she went from hostess to bartender and learning the trade of the industry. Along with this industry comes many long nights into early mornings, lots of drinking and of course plenty of recreational drugs (cocaine being Ellie’s favorite). Ellie met certain people. Work for work is what it was related to. She’d hook up the bar tab and they’d hook up the tattoos, drugs and entry into the nightclubs that she was not old enough to drink at just yet. Eventually school fell off the line and it was work and play. All the time. She worked at a night club making $400 a night, sometimes $600 if it was crazy busy and her tits were out just right. If she could make $800 in two nights, who the hell needed to go to school? That was her mindset. A dumb one at that. 

One night while bartending, Mr. Jon himself walked into the bar. It took a second for him to recognize her, but he’d know that smile a thousand miles away. It was Ellie. She was grown up and sexy as hell. He sat at the bar and waited for her to see him. She was zooming all around the bar in black short shorts and a pink spaghetti strap with her long black hair swaying around and it didn’t take long for her to lock eyes with Jon. She nearly stopped dead in her tracks after seeing him. They smiled at each other and she instantly went around the bar to go give him a hug. A long, passionate, meaningful hug. “How the hell have you been handsome?!” She asked as she returned back behind the bar, grabbing some beers out of the cooler and popping them open for the two guys next to him. “Good, just going to school, not much really. How about you?” he replied still looking her up and down. Jon couldn’t get over how amazing and sexy she looked. “Oh ya know, makin’ money. What can I get for ya?” she smiled, her dimples were one of the things he loved about that smile. Snapping out of his gaze, he replied, “Just a Bud Light.” Ellie winked and went to grab his beer. All she could think of was how hot he looked. The two chatted throughout the night and eventually exchanged cell phone numbers. Although neither of them said it, they were both surprised at running into one and other after all this time. It had been almost five years since the first time they met. Ellie wasn’t sure what it was going to lead to, but she didn’t want to get ahead of herself. Besides, she had her rules to stick to.


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