day 1 opiate detox

I will get to what led up to my addiction later. I did my first self detox on Dec 24 ,2014.  Obviously it wasn’t successfull. Within a matter of 3 months I was back around the girl (my so called best friend) and back on them and addicted again in a few weeks. I feel I have nobody to talk to. I split up with my husband right as I detoxed the first time.  I told myself I would never take them again. I never wanted to detox n feel that way again.  I been there and I know what I’m getting into and hate myself for it. The first time I did it for myself because everyone says you have to. Well that didn’t work.  I don’t even like myself.  This time I’m doing it for my kids.               It is 7:11 pm I snorted a quarter piece at 3:30 to help.  I have no more.  I already been crying but think it’s because of the long road ahead. I blocked under my phone contacts the people I know I can never associate with again.  I took a hot bath ,shaved and put on extra deo. To prepare. Last time I drank cheap whiskey to ease it but guess what now on top I’m an alcoholic.   I’m using the whiskey now only because I never quit drinking that’s my next step   I will be back to let you know how my night went.  Be prepared cause after this I will tell you what led up to it and you would never believe what I have been through 

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  1. I am very interested in your story because I am on Norco, a prescription from my doctor; I often wonder if I should try to stop it. What are your recommendations for doing that? I don’t drink alcohol and don’t want to start. Best wishes to you in your struggle and your journey.

  2. Been there… I’m a recovered opiate addict. I’ve been clean over a year. Stick with it if you can. It gets easier each day you refrain. I still get the occasional urge now & then, but by this point I’m able to quickly talk myself out of it. If I slip up now, I lose all that hard work.

    Just remember your kids deserve the best mom you can be to them. This is one of those many reasons that will make you a hero to them!

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