Day 5

It’s only 11 25 AM, long before civilised folk should wake, Gandalf,  yet I’m sitting in a hospital wincing and tenderly attending to a much offended nose.

Dr Sarwar tried to get my surgery for tomorrow but I’ve managed to make him rein in his destructive qualities and have successfully postponed the defacing of my bodily icon to Monday. God be blessed for these small victories.

It was rather a funny sort of silsala, he looked at me all engrossed and tender before jabbing rhis stupid long metal stick in my left nostril. Ow. That was unnecessary, I think. He’d already decides on surgery when he saw me. I’ve developed a new opinion,  hopefully one which will be held with the same comic forcefulness as all of my new opinions : surgeons are deranged maniacs. Why do I say that?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been coming to this doctor for years and it’s when I agree to and set a date for surgery that he asks me my name and says “Taha. I won’t forget that now.”

Or maybe it’s because he excitedly mentions that there’s swelling in my left nostril and instead of doing something about the swelling he suggests TAKING A LASER AND BURNING IT DOWN.

The good thing about this whole scenario is that I shan’t be incapacitated as long as I feared.  I’ll have to wait one or two days in the hospital, then I’ll be able to go home, within a week I’ll be allowed limited movement outside,  and within two I’ll be able to go watch movies with my friends again. Khan and Jawad aren’t a problem since I can just call them over, I’ll hopefully be able to meet Amnah once the first week is over.

I feel ridiculously unafraid right now. Weird, I’ve been dreading rhis surgery rather a long time. All I feel is comically affronted.  I hope that I can keep that little light shining in me.

P.S. I’m better than yesterday thanks for not asking you old grey codger.
P.P.S I hope I’m born anew with a fresh take on things
P.P.P.S Does anaesthesia technically count as my first time getting high? Love it.

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