Dreams.. Have you found yours?

Everybody has a dream, A dream to have a family, a dream to be loved, a dream to better yourself or maybe a dream to travel the world, a dream to have your own business, a dream to have things that you don’t have.

I have dreams, but I can never seem to find a way to put them together, or maybe i can’t figure out what my dreams are, I’m confused, but one thing I know is that Life can be short lived but life can be amazingly beautiful also!. I want to experience the beautiful before it disappears, I want to find my dream. I’m sure i will one day and anyone reading this i hope you have found yours.

If you have tell me about your dreams..



2 thoughts on “Dreams.. Have you found yours?”

  1. I have found my dream in Jesus. I wrote a book about it—you can read a couple of chapters under my blogging here. Try reading page 7. Love to you…..saved by Grace.

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