Endless, nameless

Library workers bitching about public. Quelle surprise. I don’t know who some of Angelo’s friends think they are, but Angelo is so guilty that he moved to New Orleans. Jake lived in New Orleans. There are Louisiana neighbors on my block who I am pretty sure do organized stalking. Probably. Oy vey.

Since when do random people have more credibility than I do when I am a longtime victim and these motherfuckers seek me out? I used to get called a monster magnet. Considering that a man called himself a businessman in the business of monsters, that is a truth to call me a monster magnet when they are sic-ed on me like white on rice and I couldn’t shake them or lose them for anything. Monster family indeed. I do not even like my hometown sometimes anymore because of all the crime, corruption and coverups daily. Sucks. I should go eat. I don’t mean to complain but being tortured for over 6 years puts me in a foul mood sometimes. I also sometimes think about how a lot of people listened as people tried to murder me publicly many, many times. Nationwide apparently, people listened to my keening, wailing and wordless screams while being tortured with sonic wave weapons, electromagnetic whatevers and that other shit. They “Sleeping Beauty”ed me countless times w/s.w.w. and tortured the hell out of me and also interrogated me all these years about anyone and everyone plus stuff I couldn’t possibly know in a million years. Some crazy ass motherfuckers even tortured me for a whole year, convinced that I used to or did work for the government. Blah.

This morning, walking down my street tot the bus stop, some guilty asshole in a big black pickup truck, stared at me and called me entertainment and laughed mirthlessly. Hate. Those. Monster. Businesspeople.

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