Free flowing thoughts

Well I’m gonna try and let this just keep growing…kind of my free flowing stuff, just the kind of thoughts one’s mind wanders too…and a wandering mind can be happy sometimes as we imagine all these alternatives. Anyhow this is a transcript of an email response I sent to a coworker:

“That what you typing now?  When did this one happen ?  I am so tired of all these stupid homicides.  I’m still doing statements on that same case I been doing all week. That poor little lady.  Seriously sick of all of this.  I want to run away, if I had $$ just by lots of land out in the sticks somewhere, maybe Montana or Wyoming.   Just bake bread and grow flowers.  Be an old granny hippie chick.”

3 thoughts on “Free flowing thoughts”

  1. Ah me too quirkynat! Wouldn’t that be great? However this old granny still has to work to do so for now I’ll continue to type true crime! Some day though. And I try and keep some of my old hippie perspective.

  2. yay for friends!
    I’m going to make sure i try and update as much as i can!
    Oh seriously do it! I doubt my life is that interesting but its nice to look back and my awkward teenage years are now gone! i guess some of thats a blessing!
    Am i supposed to reply on your page? There are no notifications it throws me off!
    But yes lets!

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