im bored out of my mind.

graduation came and went and it was the most magical day of my life. everyone was there and i walked across that stage and felt like a goddamn rockstar
it all happened so fast and even Tessa was there! which made it all the better. 🙂
i could write more about it, but I don’t feel like it. I’ll put up some pictures tho to commemorate and hwatnot.
the onyl problem was I felt sooooooooooooo fat. like in all the pictures i look so gross. ugh. im trying to ride this ‘body positivity’ train, but it’s really frustrating, especially looking back from how thin i used to be. oh well. gonna get back on the diet and lose it all! Christmas is my goal!!!!

anyway what else?
matt went to rehab. he’s been there for about a week now I think, maybe less. it’s weird and i know this is semi fucked up to say, but it feels SOO nice to have him out of the house. like i know its bad that its come to this and i regret that his alcoholism got to the point that he felt he needed rehab, but this house was becoming a war zone. he hates (hated) oscar and is taking it out on me. and the onyl reason he hates oscar is cuz oscar stands up to him and doesnt baby him like everyone else in this fucking family. UHGGHHHH. idk but yeah. there’s supposed to be like weekly counseling with the “client” (addict) and their family. matt asked me not to come. SO GREAT. clearly he still hates me for whatever the fuck reason. and honestly, im over it. he’s burned his bridges with me and it’s sad to say that I don’t even feel like i really have a brother anymore. he’s just an asshole. and he’s got a lot of stuff he needs to work out on his own, you know? but yeah, for now, i am enjoying the peace. in an ideal world, I’d be moved out before he comes home. but he’s only in there for a month, and i haven’t even landed a job yet.

BUT i did have an interview today! I think it went pretty well, i made them laugh, so i think that;s a good thing? id unno. it pays 2500 a month tho so im like YESPLZ SIGN ME UP.haha. its boring, but it’s money and the sooner I have money the soooner i can move out.

anyway, moms home and im done with this. sooo yeah byeeeee

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