May Days

Ah what a day.  A good day basically.  I had trouble getting up (I mean I always do but really this a.m.) On the drive in I thought I’ve hit my wall!  Then I thought I’ll just have to climb over it!  And thus far that is what I have done.

This experiment in getting all the OT offered in a week has been interesting.  Not as hard on me as I thought, yet tiring just the same.  It is actually only an extra 15 hours…and to some people that might not be much at all.  But for me it has been a challenge and the fact that it challenges is me is why I did it…one more day.

The other thing on my mind is just that it is May.  End of Spring, beginning of Summer.  Not my favorite season either one but my favorite part of both.  Today it rained and stormed a bit then cleared off.  Sunny, warm but not too hot.  Perfect weather.  Always takes me to my childhood, who knows why?  Because it’s time for school to get out and that long endless stretch of vacation was ahead of me?  I really don’t know. But being a Hoosier and a person who’s family lived in the same area for generations it also means cemeteries and the race.  Crazy I know. But we always went to the cemeteries on Memorial Day and back in the day the race was on Memorial Day and it lasted all day so it was always on the radio in the background.

These days we discuss, shall we go to the cemeteries on Memorial Day or Race Day?  We are going to go on Memorial Day…and those of us not going to the race are going to WATCH ON TV…which in central Indiana is a big deal as it has always been blacked out since like before I was born and I’m 63.

And then of course…memories…wow first memorial day without mom, first time we will be going to her grave.  Brother and I were out there Sunday…headstone engraved, flowers planted all is well for Memorial day and that brings me peace.  

Peace even as my eyes well up and I long for one more day of summer childhood!

And that’s that…back to homicide statements…ah so cheery I am! 😉

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