PENPALS. Wow I Sound About 9

I was a frequent user of and then it just decided to disappear from my life completely destroying about 8 years of my fascinating life. What a sham! So i’m trying this i am not going to waste my time doing a big introduction if you want to read about my life and leave a note or whatever that would be jolly good!

Today was boring went back to work, after a day off with this demon cold, to the joyous life of a retail operative. We even have to wear uniform now and the logo i kid you not is “i love “insert shop name here” how extremely geeky. (if you have spotted this uniform while out and about then you can call yourself a proper detective and now know where i work) nothing much to report.

My self esteem issues were through the roof today, i wish i could just be happy with my body the way it is and stop self obsessing all the time.

I might aswell talk about the previous weekend because Wednesdays are incredibly dull.

Friday night Karaoke (in the same pub we all go to every week may i add) was fun. We invented something called “quick fire karaoke” i was literally singing karaoke for about 45 minutes non stop! Tintin (karaoke man) keep saying “right get ready you are on next with….) while DT (the boyfriend) was asleep on the chair unbeknownst to me sulking. Come on how am i supposed to know he hasn’t just passed out like he normally does? whats a girl to do. He had a do saying i was ignoring him and singing with Tintin and W (one of the squad, i don’t say squad normally i’m just being a knob) all night, i think the problem lies with W personally. He definitely has clicked on he flirts me like alllllllllll the time. (side note i have had to spellcheck every time i say the word “karaoke” because my brain just can’t seem to cope with it)

I even got a message telling me he was jealous.
How am i suppose to even deal with this at the quiz tomorrow. Awkward Central.
I feel like i should change peoples names, you know incase someone i know finds this?
If the names are really weird now, they make sense to me or sound similar i am not insane.
In all seriousness i might need to make a note of nicknames.
Thats all.

If you are reading this and find my life the slightest bit interesting drop me a note or whatever happens on this website. PENPALS. wow i sound about 9.

One thought on “PENPALS. Wow I Sound About 9”

  1. ha, ha the notion of penpals is lovely. I have not backed up my stuff from here but I should…I am thinking of saving it all on a thumb drive in a word doc somewhere…but then that does make it more accessible to um well real people I know right? However I am so sorry you lost all your journal stuff total and complete bummer.
    Well let’s be penpals then! 😉

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