So, Goodish news?

So…I got the job?!?!
Delete those question marks. This is not a possibility. I legit got the job. like that job is mine. I have a title, Victoria (the super nice asian HR lady) sent over a contract of employment and permission to do a background check and everything. like holy ma fuckin shit. I kinda am in shock. I’ve been complaining about needed a job so badly lately and there it is handed to me. Victoria said she didn’t want to wait until Monday to tell me, isn’t that super sweet? And apparently both of the big bosses, Dean, the president and the other lady whose name I completely forgot haha both really liked me and want to hire me asap.
1. it seems too good to be true
I guess this is just me expecting the worst, but doesn’t it seem a little fast? Like I just had my interview with them literally yesterday and they made their decision that fast? I mean, I suppose I should be really happy and thankful, which I am. But I’m also semi worried that something’s going to go horribly wrong. It all just seems a little too much. like the pay is great, we get to wear sweat pants on fridays, and everyone there was SO nice to me…but I dunno…i also kinda got the feeling it’s a little too much for show? if that makes sense? like the art on the walls was intended to be professional, but it looked like something you’d get for 2.00 at the thrift store, you know? I just don’t want to be that person whose so desperate for money that I fall into something really stupid and unreal and can’t escape when I want to.

2. i’ve reviewed the actual company online and they’ve got SHIT reviews
No joke, out of the 10 reviews on yelp only ONE of them is semi positive. lol. the rest are absolutely scathing. everyone hates them apparently, and I guess they’ve got really bad techniques when it comes to apprasials. But…at the same time, is that really my problem? Like I’m not invested in becoming an appraiser or anything like that, so should I be concerned with what other people think of my company? is that bitter? obvi i’m not going to be there when i retire, but isn’t it a great foot-in-the-door place? so i can break into full time, paid work?? Also, apparently Dean, the president is an ass. A lot of the reviews said that. but there’s also over 75 people in the office, so…maybe I can just stay in my cubicle and avoid him? i dunno. it also said he only hires people based on who he thinks is cute, tho, sooo…hey? lol. that’s messed up, I know.

3. apparently there’s a lot of angry clients/apparaisers that I’m suppposed to be dealing with???
So during the interview I had 3 different people ask how I deal with/have dealt with angry customers in the past. The lady, whose name I’m STILL blanking out on, even clued me in a little and said “sometimes our appraisers get their quotes and when we give it to the clients they become very…passionate.” I understand, they want a good deal and if the apprasiers quote them for more than they want to pay then they get pissy. I get it. butttttt…am I gonna be on the phone with pissed off people for 8 hours a day? no thanks, ill pass. I suppose that’s where all the bad reviews on yelp came from tho….

4. It’s nowhere near any of the fields I want to be in.
So, technically the job title is ‘Residential Apprasial Services Coordinatory’ mouthful. but basically what happens is John and Jim are in love and wanna buy a house, but their broke asses can’t afford it. so they hop on over to wells fargo to get a loan. Wells fargo is like ‘woah hold up we need to know how much this house is worth before we can give you the cash for it, ya feez?’ so since they can’t directly contact apparaisers on their own (apparently this is what caused the housing market to crash, was apparasiers and banks being in cahoots with one another and fucking over people???) they contact my comapny. From here, we find appraisers and are like “yo, appraise this bullshit house so these two fuckers can live there!!!” and they do and give us the apprsaial and then we give it to the banks. badaboom badabing. seems simple I guess, but literally also sounds SO FUCKING BORING. I want to fight racism, sexism, ablism, transphobia, xenophobia and homophobia. I want to kick conservatives’ in the balls and give rights to everything that is a human in this country. I want to fight immigration laws and bring social justice to marginalized communities!!!!!! I want to change the fucking world.
….Instead, I’ll be in an office in pleasant hill typing away about real estate? -.-
Again, though, maybe I can be here for like….5 years MAX. go get my master’s degree, and then I can start to change the world?

1. it pays 2500 a month. even with a 1600 dollar house, there’s still leftover room for utilities and shizz.
3. I can afford to move out by Christmas
4. did i mention the pay?
5. they want me to start on June 1st!! That’s like…less than a week away.

Anyway, I’ll talk it over with my mom and oscar and get their opinions, but honestly, im kinda thinking i should just fucking do it, you know? like fuck it. lemme do it. I need it. God dammit.

anyway, I gotta run to the dmv im outsies!!!!

2 thoughts on “So, Goodish news?”

  1. It’s good you are seeing the red flags. But also congrats, you deserve this.

  2. Hey it’s me again. I actually went and read all your posts and I have to say that they’ve put me through the emotional wringer. I’ve been sad and happy and LOL’ing a lot while reading.

    Also I’m very happy for you! There are a lot of sketchy things about this place you’re going to work at but I’m still proud of you! That probably doesn’t mean much but still. Anyway please continue to post, you’ve got yourself a fan haha.

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