Day 92 – Quick entry

Friday, May 27th 2016

Save me from the hiccups. It hurts.

Today was slow, could be quicker, but then again it’s Friday—to be expected. Also, don’t feel like writing, so expect super quick answers to each period. Today wasn’t interesting anyway. Well, I managed to attain 133 words per minute, that’s it.

1st Period (09:10-10:25)
We washed the end of a movie that I didn’t see yesterday and I turned in my questions, but not my summary that I forgot was due today. The teacher didn’t seem too happy, but oh well.

2nd Period (10:35-11:50)
We started some other biology stuff.

Lunch (11:50-12:50)
Sat with my close friends and we were all too tired to uphold a good conversation.

3rd Period (12:50-14:05)
Visual Arts
Joined another team that is presenting Chinese, Indian and Japanese art. I made a slide with all the information on my artist and gave them a couple of links for the Chinese art history part.

4th Period (14:15-15:30)
We corrected our questions and did a few other boring things that I don’t feel like writing.

After School
It’s gonna rain soon and I’m gonna wear my Star Wars snapback at Youth today.

So yeah. No cares for this entry.

That’s all for today.

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