I feel like I am going to collapse

I am exhausted.  Four hours with the boys and 3 bad meltdowns with Matthew.  Poor little guy, things are so HUGE to him.  He wanted tea so I took him to McDonald’s and bought us two teas, then he was upset because he took the wrapper of the straw off in the car and for some reason he wished he had waited until we got home to take the straw out.  He called it a “horrible” thing he had done, and said he should kill himself.  He is very irrational when these meltdowns occur.  I am SURE his meds are wrong.  I work hard talking him down,, getting him to eat a couple of chicken nuggets (he was hungry, too) — now I am just limp.  I am home but still worried about him.  My poor, disturbed boy I love so much.  My heart breaks over him.

2 thoughts on “I feel like I am going to collapse”

  1. Poor you and your poor baby. How very sad and exhausting for you both. He is so lucky to have you as a grandma. Hugs and prayers my friend.

  2. Oh my, thank you for writing a comment, and such a kind one. This entry was in here for about three or four days (seemed like months) with no comment. I figured no one read it, or else no one cared. You are a blessing indeed!

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