It Was A Clear Sunny Day Outside

It was a clear sunny day outside, the sun was far up into the heavens shining its light down but not killing those underneath it. The sky was cloudless and that usual light blue with not a bird in the sky, the landscape was filled with mountains off in the distance. Then, there were verdant pastures going on for as far as the eye could see, all was quiet not one animal to be seen. The only sign of civilization was a small town; in a back corner, closer to the outskirts of that small town was a modest sized beige house. It looked like a regular house with its quiet atmosphere, doing a good job of muting what was really going on inside of the house….. Inside the house it was elegantly decorated with little trinkets here and there, most things were hand-made or gifts from friends and family.

As you advanced further into the house and heard snippets of what you know not now unfolds deeper into the house, you would begin to realize that something was wrong, a little off even. For, in a back room of the house there was a commotion, “I’m going to kill him! Let me go I’m going to kill him! Let me go!” A striking woman about 5 feet 6 inches stood her face reddened with profound vehemence. She was usually a scenic and charming woman but due to a repulsively horrendous situation, it drove her to this state and she was pushed entirely beyond the edge.

She screamed and fought a male figure, her husband, who tried to hold her back. Lately she had been in a state of disequilibrium; she had slipped into a cavernous depression. She had at many times contemplated taking her own life, the sole factor that had always stood in the way, as it did now was her husband, always there to take care of her and talk her out of it. Now he stood in the way of her revenge, his intervening always seemed to be quite unnecessary to her. He pinned her against a wall away from the other man in the room her husband stood at 6 feet tall, an entire 6 inches over her. He was muscular and stocky; he gripped her at her shoulders with gentle eyes pleading with her to calm down.

~~~~~~~~ POV switch: The wife ~~~~~~~~

It was to no avail because the man who put me through was standing unremorseful in front of me and to say the least I was seeing red. “Why are you so unaffected by this?! What, did you tell him to do it?!” He didn’t say anything and my eyes widened, so he had a part in the death of my child?! My own husband?! Oh come on you’ve got to be kidding me, right? I stopped struggling and just stared at him, and then I just started shaking my head.

“He said it was you or the baby, believe me,” he whispered to me, trying to explain his case. Hah, even I knew that was a lie on so many levels. When I glanced over his shoulder at his friend, the man had the audacity to look hurt, like he just caused the death of his entire family. That’s one reason that makes as proof of my case, second he’s a quack. My husband doesn’t like to think so but let’s face it at this point we all know it’s true. Third even I know that the real reason that I fainted that day was because I was working entirely too hard (I hadn’t sat down all day just a little F.Y.I.). I couldn’t even see him the same anymore, I mean why should either of them have to feel bad if they didn’t have even a slight bit of doubt that it was the only way. He couldn’t see my face and I could tell by his eyes, they always gave him away.

“Please do this for me,” his expression turned hopeful.

“What is it anything,” so you won’t be mad at me anymore was the rest of the sentence, it was unspoken, but that’s what I knew he wanted to say.

“Don’t touch me,” he looked down at his hands as if he had somehow squeezed me too hard and hurt me before he released me. I quietly left the room not even sparing him or his friend another glance.

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