My Bloating!


Ok, so it has been 5 days since Mike and I went vegan! Yay!!!

I haven’t had much to write about so I haven’t been writing, however! Our 2nd night vegan, Mike and I decided to get something to snack on. So we were at Shoppers because we needed milk anyways (soy, or almond, of course!) and we found this nut, seed, dried fruit mix and I thought YUM! Well… tummy thought something else!!   That night, about 2 hours after I ate like half a cup of nuts and seeds, my tummy was sooo bloated and I was in soo much pain!! I have realized I either cannot eat nuts and seeds at all, or I REALLY need to stick to 80/10/10 (carbs/fat/protein)!  Anyway, its been a couple days since I ate the nuts and seeds and I feel so much better!

It has literally only been 5 full days of eating vegan and my digestive system is already thanking me! Before veganism, my digestive system was SHIT (not pun intended).. I went to the bathroom maybe once every 3 days or so, my BMs were never satisfying or all at once, I would go once in the morning and finish it later in the afternoon. I was always sick & really depressed. But honestly, 5 days in, I think I’ve gone to the bathroom almost every day, I maybe missed 1 day! Also, my mood is starting to lift!!

I feel like our journey is still only beginning and I feel the beginning of our journey will last years, but I am so excited to continue this amazing health journey with the man I love!

Let us all realize the pain and torture it takes to make a hamburger.. do you really want to eat all that pain and suffering? Go vegan & live a compassionate life <3

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