Stopped for gas, went and paid township taxes then off to get the dreaded shot which ended up being over a 1/2 late.  More stress.  I did get a private room this time.  The husband held my head as I got the dreaded shot but with happy thoughts that there is only ONE MORE.  Got paid for my study participation.  Left cancer center and was hungry.  Got a junior whopper at Burger King and it tasted lousey.  Went to do laundry and stopped at grocery store.  Got home and gagged which is a sign of pure exhaustion.  Grabbed a drink and took a pill.  Made pizza had one piece and again it tasted bad.  Had some orange sherbert which went down pretty well.  Took a shower and now I am in bed.  Think I may get some more sherbet..  I have a feeling that things may be back to the way they were before the last chemo.  In other words I will probably end up feeling pretty lousy for a while.  Well goodnight every one.

One thought on “MY JOURNEY WITH THE big c”

  1. Ah sorry you are feeling lousy but glad for good reports. Sounds like your tastebuds are off but hey if orange sherbet tastes good, then all is not lost! Orange sherbet is mucho better than burger king or pizza anyhow! Have a swell weekend my friend.

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