Well hi there!

So here it is, my first entry!
It’s kinda late at night so I’ll have to keep this brief. I become crazily incoherent and prone to fits of strange giggles when I’m tired.
From experience I can tell you it most definitely gets across online somehow! lol! I’ll spare you from that (or at least I’ll do my best.)

Earlier this year I started a diary on paper about my daily life. It was therapeutic in a strange sort of way. Most of it was just me, going on about mundane things. It was super brief because I restricted myself to just a page.
I’ve started thinking that it’s more the act of writing itself that feels good, rather than putting something down on paper to remember days past. If I don’t remember something, then my brain is probably forgetting it for a reason, right? It’s not healthy to look too much into the past. (Easier said than done though!)

I stopped writing as soon as passed my driving test. My world had opened up so there was no need to complain about daily life as much (anyone who has to commute on public transport on a daily basis knows there’s always something to complain about!)

But now I find myself in the awkward position of wanting to write in it again, but feel guilty at the thought of the huge time gap in the notebook. Won’t it be kind of…odd? Will I come across it one day in the future and think what on earth happened between February and June? Maybe I should just start fresh? I’m not even sure anymore.

I’ve stumbled onto this site. It’s kind of nice knowing that there’s a possibility of reaching out to others. But nothing beats the feel of spontaneously putting pen to paper. Typing takes up way more thinking. For me anyway.  

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  1. Hi Pip! I’m glad you are writing again. You can pick up where you left off, that’s no problem. Or start with a fresh new journal! But anyhow, welcome to here. It’s a nice place!

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