Who Am I?

They’re so many things that I could change about myself. What can I change about myself? But, isn’t being yourself is what people love about you? So, what can I change about myself without anyone judging or criticizing me? What can I do to make myself feel better about myself? No matter what I do to change myself, I always get criticized or judged. My plans is to go to college to become a writer. It is my passion to give people advice about love and relationship. It helps me to become a better person. A better person that I am now than I was before I knew who I’m really am from within in my heart. Who am I? I am a person with a good heart and mind trying to figure out what I really need to love myself and be more happy. Does anyone know who they truly are on the inside, as a person?

One thought on “Who Am I?”

  1. Maybe some people do. I guess I wouldn’t know because I don’t know everyones minds. Personally I think we are all just humans with human emotions and human thoughts some good some bad and some left it that gray area. I think that we are more than this side of ourselves. Perhaps our selves in our most basic and raw is our souls so I guess we would have to know our souls to know our selves not what we do, what we think or even how we feel these things are just costumes we try on and throw out not really saying much about us at all because who we are is so much deeper and I am not sure if there are words for that kind of thing,

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