Ok.. so.. Mike and I have been doing some talking..

We have decided if I can save enough money in these next 3 years then before I turn 24, we will be moving to HAWAII!! Mind you.. that is, if Donald Trump isn’t president haha

But for real.. I have my own at home business called It Works & I have a goal of being a Diamond by January 2017 (making $2000/month) and by January 2018 I want to be Double Diamond (making $6000/month). This can so be accomplished & I’m hoping before September 2019 to have saved up $60 000 so we can move worry free!! This way we will have lots of money to pay rent or mortgage, groceries & bills while Mike looks for work! In the 3 years back in Canada, I am hoping that Mike finds contracting work to get experience for when we move! I will still be working for It Works when we move and I am hoping by January 2020 to be Triple Diamond (making $10 000/month)!! This business is crazy amazing.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys what Mike and I have decided and talked about today and a little bit of back story to go with it! We will be getting married before we leave, so we should have $12 000 for a wedding so all of our family & friends can be there before we move!!  This is something we will have to still think about in the next 3 years but we are ready and willing to make such a drastic change in our lives for our future and our family!

Enjoy your day!

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