Journal Entry #4 (Quick Fix and Never-ending RPs)

Fucking A it’s so easy to lose everything you’ve typed. Like you’ve gotta save it every minute or else you might accidentally lose everything. Btw I think I found a fix to the problem with your entries not publishing. DO NOT CHANGE THE TIME THINGY BELOW. You know, that strange time thing next to the date that you can change for some reason? Yeah, don’t change it. Does it really matter EXACTLY WHEN you’ve posted? As long as the date is correct it’s fine.

Anyway, nothing much is happening right now. Usually I go to my dad’s house today, on saturdays, but I’m skipping. He was supposed to take us swimming today. I personally don’t like to swim.

Ok, I just found out that he isn’t even there. Well, where the fuck is he?! Lol he’s been missing for a week now.

I’m still waiting on people to wake up and get on RPR. I know it’s Saturday, but wouldn’t you people rather waste the day away on the internet rather than doing something productive?

Speaking of RPR it’s starting to get a little boring. I mean, chatting is way more fun to me then doing RP. I want to tell my partners to end the RP but it’s like THEY NEVER WANT TO END IT, LIKE FUCKING A ON A CRUCIFIX! Just end the damn RP. End it end it end it end it! I hate RPs and I hate never-ending RPs more. The only exception is GHI. At least GHI is entertaining and bossman is great at building and guiding the story along.

I don’t know what else to say so I’ll end the entry here. It only seems like I have a lot to talk about when I’m mad or depressed.

There’s no rest from the never-ending role plays, so I’ve gotta go.

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