My book. The Beautiful Truth

Please check out my book on I have 5 5-gold star reviews; I’d love for you to read them.  This is a special God-given book.  It is available on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble.  Please read it!  Thanks so much!

PS: You can go to and type in “books”  then type in The Beautiful Truth by Lynn Roberson.  I hope some of you will read it—it’s inspirational and warm and very easy to read.

One thought on “My book. The Beautiful Truth”

  1. Hi, I still am getting the hang of this site, and couldn’t find a way to message you so I decided to leave you a comment and say THANK YOU…Thank you for the comment you left on my journal. Your kind words really lifted my spirit, and I was afraid to check back on my journal because I was afraid I was going to get negative feedback. But I’m glad I checked because your comments really made me feel much better. God bless

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