The Life of an Adult

Considering I have not written in a bit, this one may be a bit long. Then again, maybe not.

To start off, our apartment is starting to look very nice considering we got a new couch, bed, entertainment stand and a desk.  The entertainment stand and the desk we were able to negotiate off of online Yard Sale sites.  We bought the bed and the couch with our tax refunds. Well, my tax refunds since I get a larger amount back because of my Active Military status.

On that note, I only have about a year and a half left unless they decide to get me out earlier.  (One can hope)  Do not twist my meaning of that considering it can be perceived in one of two ways.  I am grateful for the Military and the experience it has given me over these past (almost) five years.  I just do not appreciate the time, personnel or lack of care/devotion on their part.  I am a Specialist in the United States Army with no interest in being promoted to Sergeant in this year and a half left.  That would take away another person from my place of employment which, we cannot do as of now.  Also, that would not help with my income.  Sure, you would get paid Active Duty pay and all, however it is not all that great.  Especially for a month or two. 

I am also not looking forward to this Drill considering I had to call-out last Drill due to my financial issues.  I do not know how they expect Specialists such as myself to be able to take time, money and gas and waste it going to Drill.  Especially when they do not provide me with lodging even though I travel approximately 240 over a two day period, back and forth.  I love the Military, I hate the point of it nowadays.  It is all about the politics and how much money they can get out of a deal or two.


Getting back to my original post.  I am going to be working 11 days straight come this upcoming Thursday.  I then have to go and do my CPR/AED training at another site at 0900 and then, travel back and forth (the 240 miles) to go to Drill this upcoming weekend.  Not only that, but I may have to start working again on Monday since I will not get any hours for the weekend since Drill happens to be in the way.  Hopefully my Boss will give me the Monday after my Drill weekend off since I will be thoroughly exhausted.  We will see what happens.  After all, this is the life of an adult.

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