Who Says Cab In England?

Its so stuffy in my room tonight. 

Three day weekend HURRAH. 
My friends are getting bored with the same pub every week, felt like i was in some sort of intervention. Its a good pub okay.
It was a cracking night, you know its a good night when you are on the floor doing oops upside your head because you requested it.

Decided to go on into town afterwards without my boyfriend, i tell you what i would not enjoy being single in this day and age (i sound really old im 25) the boys just don’t seem the type that would wine and dine you. One guy came up to me asking if tintin was my boyfriend, i said no his eyes lit up and then i hit him with “i do have one though” and boom, on to the next one.

I then got a cab (who says cab in England. TAXI) to my boyfriends and found him half on the bed asleep fully clothes with his shoes and coat on. Why!

We have a music festival that comes to our town every year so i have that joy tomorrow, all day drinking i just can not hack life anymore. I usually, every year, without fail have a bad time at this said event. Some drama lama happens but i am determined to have a good time and not to be part of it. A good time being crammed into a place, not being able to get to a bar with ease for a good 10 hours. I’m such a moaner. 

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