6th Entry (Games and Songs)

I’m excited for today! It’s going to be a really chill, relaxed Sunday. I could use it! I was up until 12:20 AM last night, so I could use a break. 🙂


The plan right now is basically to play Minecraft with my bro. Yes, I play minecraft. I enjoy it a lot, and I don’t care if people say it’s childish. Like, seriously. Have they seen some of the servers out there? Gun games. Jail games. There’s a lot of stuff to do. Plus, with modpacks, anything is possible 🙂


Anyhow! Gotta go brush my teeth and listen to some good songs 🙂

Here! At the end of every journal entry, I’ll list a song on my playlist! I’ll start from the very beginning and work my way down 🙂 I’ve got over a hundred, so I’ll be able to last quite a while! 




Song #1 on my playlist: “Counting Stars” by One Republic.

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