Church this morning

In church I had to face the fact that Matthew needs to be place in a secure environment. Yesterday at the park he ran away from us, and into the woods.  We thought we’d have to call the police, but then he came out of the woods, back to us.  I want to do a miracle and heal Matthew.  But my prayers have produced a very tender heart in him, but not healing.  I think his meds are way off.  Just an update.  I have to face the fact that he may have a mental illness that requires a very secure living space. He did so well at Palmetto for one year.  He’s only been home 5 months, but he is in heartbreaking shape.  I think he was happier at Palmetto.  The people there seemed to love him and he knew all their names.  We drove down every Saturday to visit him (6 hours round trip).  I know I’m repeating myself but please forgive me, I’m just distraught.  I have got to trust him to God.  I know the plans God has for him—plans for good and NOT for evil, to give him a future and a HOPE.  Thank you, Lord!  Amen.

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  1. YES, YES, YES…God has Matthew’s good in his hands. And God’s plans and time are not always our time and plans. And Matthew may have been happier, not because he doesn’t love you guys and want to be with you but because at Palmetto he gets the care and medical attention he needs. Thus he is healthier and better able to be more happy. So glad he came out of the woods safely.

  2. Oh, thank you for replying! I was beginning to feel like no one was reading my journals. Yes, thank God he came out of the woods safely. Thank you for caring!!

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