Day 93 – Minecraft server

Saturday, May 28th 2016

Again, I’m not in the most writing of moods.

I suppose I can start by saying what happened at Youth yesterday after my entry (I can’t write my entries afterwards, because I come home around 11 pm). 

We played a few games, my legs now hurting today because of it. Some guy came up at me at some point to talk about Doctor Who, because I was wearing my TARDIS shirt. But there isn’t much to say other than it was very warm and my friends and I kept rotating an orange hat to fan ourselves. I would have used my own hat, but my hair was crazy. A guy learned that after taking off the hat, examining it, then looking up at me and instantly giving it back when he saw.

Today I have successfully hosted my own Minecraft server! When I was a kid, I badly wanted to host my own server. I decided to make one purely for people I know online and trust to not grief/do anything ridiculous, because it’s vanilla and does not have protective plugins. My past self would be so happy, even though I don’t have the same rush as I did then when I could host servers for a short while… The way I’m building my house starts off by looking like Sans’s hall from Undertale by accident. I like the style, though. It’s different than what I usually do, which is modern and medieval.

That’s all for today.

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