Hi Semester 6

Here I am again, back to reality. I’m back again to school. This time, Im back here without you. Yes, you (Charles). 
Sometimes they said life is cruel. I have been staying in the same room for 5 semesters. But this semester onwards, I’ll be moving into a new room. Which is in Level 1 room05. I miss my old room (S2-16). That was where I first met my roommate, that was where I went through so many ups and downs throughout those 5 semesters. I miss those good old days. I miss how I used to know my roommate, how we get along with each other, how we became closer each day. I miss… I miss watching horror movies while snacking. I miss our afternoon nap. At times, when there’s heaving thunderstorm, I couldn’t sleep, but when I know she was there with me, I felt so much better. I miss how things used to be. I miss the toilet there cuz it’s way cleaner than this level. 
I miss….. I miss.. I miss….

I came back around 1 in the afternoon. Initially, I was told that I supposed to move in to the room which is two doors away from the previous one. But then, there’s something not right then. And so, I was told to move into level 1.
Mom and sis came together with me, they helped me to clean the room and unpack stuffs. The saddest part was, after so long being here in this school, I started to cry again, when the moment my family left me. I pretend to be strong and told them not to worry bout me. I even miss that someone who is always standing strong deep inside my heart, Charles. 
Finally, I get to meet my new roommate. She’s way younger than me, hmm..oh well, we actually met each other before. From the ccw event, which was where i met Charles too. (:
This young girl is okay (at the moment). She’s friendly, caring (in terms ooooffff : she allows me to use her stuffs)
Tonight is a nightmare,I couldn’t sleep well. Rollin here and there. GOD, help me! I am tearing again. Please,let me sleep. Coz insomnia kills. 

Letter from : Kary

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