varo 2

Imprisoned Mind

Imprisoned Mind


Imprisoned within a mind

seen in mirrors
where the glass
is a thin veil

these eyes staring
back at me

what have they seen?

visions of electric epiphany
golden stars
and moons of ice

destinies reflected forward
now entangled
in the power lines
of cities just awoken to the Sun

a totem pole forest
each face
ascends into the mist
that enshrouds this place of my omens

I have no recollection
of the silent past

the imprisoned mind
now tosses like a corked bottle
carrying its message across the sea

shall I be received?
shall I be cast down?
to fathoms dark
amongst the coral tombs

the imprisoned mind
gazes within itself

who is he?
this stranger that my mirror conjures

he does not speak
but he hears
a tempest from within

the mind
walled in by these reflections

time clocks sound their purpose

telling the hours
when only shadows
inhabit these streets

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