Journal Entry #7 (Angry Rant and Being Forever Single)

Hello, it’s me, Missy. Just here to rant. I originally had this rant in my last post but the change in mood was sudden so I decided to make this it’s own post.

Also Blume, I’m so sorry if I make you mad when you read this. I didn’t make this about you. It was just about some stuff in the past. I am in no way whatsoever mad at you for anything. With that being said, here goes:

I’ve never had ANYONE crush on me. I’m stupid and ugly. I have always been the one to ask people out because no one is ever interested in me. I’ve always been rejected because NICE PEOPLE FINISH LAST. That’s a fact.

“Oh I just want someone who treats me right” Fuck you, you hypocritical fuckbag. I hope you choke on a razor for lying. How come people that say that always end up with fuckboys/hoes?

Makes no damn sense. I hope the next time that fuckboy is fucking you, he’s wearing a condom made of broken glass. I hope that stupid bitch you’ve been fucking gives you three STD’s and pinkeye from eating out her disgusting ass.

I know I sound bitter, but that’s cause I am. It gets tiring you know? No you don’t so stop fucking lying to me. The pain of rejection after rejection. The vileness that builds up over the years. The dark thoughts you have about happy people…

Speaking of happy people, you know what makes me even more pissed? When EVERY one of your friends is in a relationship. I swear, everytime I go on Facebook I feel like smashing a door onto my fingers. I’m always oh-so-graciously greeted to a new status update from a previously single friend telling me that they’re in a relationship. Like really? Nice job buddy, congrats. I hope six years down the line you end up killing her because she won’t stop bitching about everything. I hope six years down the line you catch that fucker fucking your best-friend and you end up burning his house down and taking all his insurance money.

I also hate when I log on to Facebook and everytime, I see the same guy with like a new girl. Like slow down fuckface! There’s plenty of desperate sluts to go around. They ain’t going anywhere cause no one except you is stupid enough to snatch them up.

Another thing I hate, and I hate a lot of things, is when I see that ugly friend has gotten into a relationship before me. Like really dude? I know I am also ugly but has the world really pitied you before me? Or maybe you’re in that position where you’re dating a fuckboy/slut. I hate that kind of relationship cause it feels to me like both of you drew the short straw.

Another thing I hate is when someone posts a relationship status cause I have to type “Congrats bro” under their status like EVERY FUCKING TIME AND THAT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF! Like are you serious? I know I could just ignore it but I’m nice girl Missy so I HAVE to do it. Like fucking A man I fucking hate that.

One last thing I’m gonna talk about me hating is the fucking relationship posts. Like oh my fucking god just stop! We get it! You’re in a relationship and you’re happy! I completely understand an “I love you babe. You’re my everything.” post every once in a while. But when you post shit like that everyday on your timeline, you’re just asking for attention. Simple as that. There’s no reason that you should post shit like that everyday on your public timeline unless you were looking for “congrats” and “oh my god so cute” from your friends. (Just kidding lol Idc about this shit. If your in a relationship feel free to express your love for your partner. After all love is a wonderful thing 🙂 )

I think I’ve covered everything for now. I’m sorry if I offended anyone but I just wanted to rant about this cause it’s been bothering me for a long time. I don’t actually feel this way all the time. Just when I get angry about being alone.

There’s no rest for the forever single, so I’ve gotta go.

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