Journal Entry #8 (Chicken Jesus and Jealousy)

Chat is getting a bit crazy right now. My brother is living up to his nickname, flirting with all the girls again. I figure it’s time for a break. Whatever that means. I literally have nothing to do, except play video games with my other bro.

Speaking of my brother, who I’ll call Chicken Jesus, he’s always been like this. Not smooth, but I meant that he always gets along with people.  Me and my youngest brother who I’ll call Axel aren’t as outgoing therefore we rely on each other for company. Me and Axel are alike in many ways so it’s okay.

It’s kinda the same way in the chat sometimes. I sometimes struggle to fit in but here comes CJ with his charisma and smooth talking, taking all the attention and whatnot. Not that I want attention. I already feel like a narcissist. But I can’t help it. I need someone to care about everything I say at all times. I’m needy. Maybe this is why I feel like I don’t fit in. Cause I’m so needy and friends don’t work like that?

Whatever. I’m jealous. Who cares? Maybe I’ll check on chat once more and then go play some games on this phone.

Also Blume don’t worry about me 🙂 I’m fine. Really. I’m sure. I hope.

Update: My mood=ruined. I don’t know why. I was so happy before. Grrrr fricking damn it. I hate life. Nothing new.

Update 2: Hearing my mom’s laughter cheered me up a bit.

There’s no rest for the jealous, so I’ve gotta go.

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