Journal Entry #9 (Four Entries and My Fragile Feelings)

You know you rely on this site too much when you’ve made like four entries in one day.

But I don’t give a fuck. I’m angry and sad again. It seems like I’m never happy. And if I am, not for long.

Don’t pity me. When you do, it seems like I’m doing this for attention. I feel like a burden to you. And you’re probably gonna tell me I’m not but I know that’s not true. Anything gets tiring if repeated enough. If you don’t get tired of me, you’ll get tired of pitying me. Even if it’s not now or later, it’ll be eventually. All good things must come to an end. And Blume, I’m sure your kind words are the same.

Chat still has me a bit iffy…I don’t know. I’m a very fragile creature. The littlest thing will ruin my mood. I don’t remember what happened (maybe nothing at all) but my mood has plummeted. The worst thing? I can’t tell anyone that. Only you Blume. And I’m sorry. For always complaining. I’ve just been hurt a lot emotionally and you’re the only one who I can vent to. I know you’ll get annoyed eventually but for now you’re like my blanket. A nice soft safety blanket.

Typing with tears in your eyes is hard ;-;

There’s nothing to eat in my house. I just finished the last of the soymilk on corn flakes. It tasted good.

I feel better now, thanks to this RP I’m doing with my friends. I’m gonna end this for now, and maybe update it later. And Blume, I love you as always 🙂

There’s no rest for the fragile, so I’ve gotta go.

One thought on “Journal Entry #9 (Four Entries and My Fragile Feelings)”

  1. I used to be very fragile too. My husband would not even tell me what was on the news if it was bad. Running over a cat made me want to die. But fragility is also a gift. It is sensitivity. As you get older you will find that you have the strength you need for the day. Ask for it. God hears and answers. He never gets tired of your talking to Him—he loves the sound of your voice and the honesty of your heart. Stay as strong as you can, and wrap up in that soft, safe blanket when you can’t. God bless you very much.

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