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The Abyss of Voices

The Abyss of Voices



I sense only

the abyss of voices


their meaningless words

like cannonballs

striking my shadow


rendering me

without my own reflection


these choirs

of daggered callings


piercing me

through to my marooned spirit


upon this desolate island

of reminiscence


where I have dreamt

of the radiant palace


in that city brighter

than an ocean of gas lights


invisible, yet near


where stone pillars of industry

are now reborn

and consumed by tapestries

of vines and forgotten


where ancient urns

speak of lost creations

in their noble form


trumpets heralding the darkness

sound in the ether


symmetrical dreams

of vast nautical mirage


thrones dreamt of

and ascended on the tide


a colossus of illusion


the nights dark threads

filling the theaters of shells


moonless hour

when crystalline stars

proclaim their luminescence


I behold

the aurora ablaze

and listen


straining to hear

the plateau of silence

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