The Ugly Truth

I have to admit it, I’m an insecure bitch, or worse- a fucking fake friend. The truth hurts, but denying that fact isn’t gonna make things better. It makes me a terrible person to secretly hate her for being prettier and way cooler than me.


The truth is, I kind of envy her. She’s got cool friends, many suitors, and a lot of likers. 


On second thought, I’m an idiot. Reading it on screen, twice, and not in my mind – just showed me how shallow and stupid I am for wanting what she have, seeing that it’s not a valid reason to not like my life. 


I’m a terrible friend, and if you read my past entry, I have a lot of stupid self issues. More like, insecurity issues. I’m too caught up with myself that it’s making me what I hate most. I’m gonna try and make things right with myself. But first, I have to accept me for me, not for becoming someone everyone admires. In the future, none of it will matter anyway, cause wether I like it or not, life is going to move on and no one will care.


Judge me, Hate me, I can accept that. I probably deserve and need it, but I promise myself that I won’t be this person anymore.

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