A Toothless Update

I took a break from my journal because of an injury, but by this point it’s the malady no longer causes me strife and live can continue as normal. A frequent subject of my blogs are my 4 + cats. I absolutely adore my kittens. My whole family is a pack of highly dedicated cat lovers.

We have Toothless who is about 5 years old. She’s my soul kitty. I wasn’t much of a cat person before her. She’s so sweet that it’s impossible not to fall head over heels in love with her.

Next are Andrew Dennis Beirsack and Jacob Mark Pitts. They are brothers. They’re about 13 months old. Both are considered “tuxedos”, but only Jacob’s fur pattern really defines the name tuxedo. They are named after members of Black Veiled Brides – my daughter’s favorite band. We call Andrew Andy, Drew, or Derpadrew. We call Jacob Jake, Monsieur, Jakecolby, or Jacobson. 

Lastly named in my clan is Tyrion. He’s my 14 week old ginger kitten. He’s an orange mackerel tabby. He’s not at all cuddly. He squirms aggressively whenever you pick him up. Andy thinks he is Tyrion’s mama. He happily teaches Tyrion the so called ropes.

Un-named female lives outside. She’s feral. She recently had kittens somewhere close by. She’s terrified of humans. I leave food out for her. I want to catch her and spay her. She’s a wild cat and I have no illusion to make a pet out of her. She takes care of herself very well. I just want to give her a helping hand. She’s a fluffy grey tabby. She likes to hang around in my back yard. Andy and Jake sense her presence. It’s led to some fights.

We have some tragedy among my clan. Toothless has cancer. She was diagnosed a few months ago with spinal lymphoma. The news is a crushing weight. I’m selfish and I don’t want my cat to die. I refuse to let her suffer though.

When we received her initial diagnosis it was thought she’d only have a matter of weeks left. Those weeks have turned into months I’m happy to say. Toothless, the black cat, is still with us. She has a fentanyl patch on her hind leg to help any pain that she has. It works. My vet tells us that we are in uncharted waters. Spinal Lymphoma is rare. Treatment for it is rare. 

Toothless likes to hide out in my daughter’s room. We have food, water, and a litter box in there so she doesn’t have to walk far. Her progress is amazing. She should be declining. Instead she darts around the house, goes crazy when she hears a can of fancy feast being opened. Lately she’s been jumping in the windows to watch the birds outside. It’s her favorite hobby. When she was sick she couldn’t jump what so ever. She’d fall off my bed. Seeing her leap out of the window literally makes my heart soar!

I thought by now I’d be frantically documenting her last days. We have been given the beautiful gift of more time. How much longer we have together is unclear… but everyday that I have her is cherished to its fullest.

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