Boycott this, boycott that!

I hate Mccd’s. That’s right. I think Mc Donald’s is absolutely terrible. Their gross food is over priced, unhealthy, and chalked full of g.m.o’s. The last few times I attempted to give them one more chance – I received flat out horrid customer service. Give a company money for sub par food and to be treated like poorly, no thanks. Seeing a dozen employees playing on their cell phones while my order is taking forever? No thanks. 

So I refuse to spend a dollar there. Plenty of other decent businesses to use instead. It’s a decision I don’t regret. Mccd’s lost me as a customer, but I lost nothing.

I use to use a Wal-Mart / Green dot preloaded money card. The Man’s direct deposit went to this account weekly. That is until very recently. In the middle of May they had a system upgrade and the card declined for 3 straight days despite having a couple thousand dollars on the card. Couldn’t get through to a human when we called for help, but an automated message said the system was down, but shouldn’t effect using my card. Lies. After day four we finally had access to our money. Some people are still effected by being denied access to their funds. It took over a week for Green dot to issue an apology and actually make themselves accessible to the thousands of angry account holders.

Guess what? You lose my money or deny me access, lose my transactions action history and you can be sure I won’t let it happen again. I’m through with any green dot product. I was so mad I almost swore off Wal-Mart altogether.

Recently there has been a couple of news stories about zoo animals being killed due to human beings getting into the animal’s habitat and putting themselves in danger. I understand why these events happened, but it doesn’t change the fact that animals were killed due to human oversight and idiocy. I love animals to my very core. I want what’s best for them. I’ll never go to another zoo again.

2 thoughts on “Boycott this, boycott that!”

  1. Animals are so precious. Even the funky funny-looking ones. And the darling little kittens and puppies. And majestic lions and tigers. God made so many different styles of animals! It is a crime that they put the animals down because of humans breaking the rules and going into their boundaries. Plain crime. I agree. Did you know btw that God had Adam name all the animals? Isn’t that curious and interesting?

  2. I did know that 🙂
    Although there are 2 variations of genesis and Adam’s naming of the animal’s. In one, Adam names them and observes them. During this time he realizes they have each other, but he is alone. After he expresses his loneliness God creates Eve because he loves Adam and doesn’t want to see him feeling lonely.

    In the Jewish version of Genesis Adam and Lilith name the animals together. I like this version. I can picture it so vividly. Could a kitten by any other name be so cute?

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