First day of school

My schedule sucks. Seriously, school even suck. Aihh I got no freaking time to write about how suckish my school is. Well, as usual, woke up as early as 6am plus for 8am class. I never knew the boyfie is supportive. He texted me early in the morning whereby, his text always put a smile on my face. I love you Charles. Why are you so sweet? 
Missing you is a daily routine to me. 
Well, it’s also the 2nd week of your work aite? Knowing that you’re pretty well adapted to the environment there, I felt relieved. I was worrying bout you since the first day of your work. Miss you dear, really miss you. I couldnt help but flipping on our photos every night before sleep. I guess, depression strikes me again all the time. I have no idea how to stop this. I felt helpless.

 They said, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. I know I can survive. I know I can! With all your words and promises, I know I can. 
Tbh, my heart hurts, I don’t even dare to look out the window, coz it’ll reminds me of US. Charles, what should I do? Im tearing again. I miss the good old times with you. I miss those late night talks, late night walks, i miss your everything.

9.15pm : Mom called. She told me good news about my sister. I felt so happy for her. One thing I really love my mom is, she’s always positive. She always give me positive strength. Strength to believe that I can. Words from her, touched me. That moment, I know that I have to be strong. Thank you mum, dad and sis. And of course, thank you Charles Lee for the words of encouragement. I know what I want in life now. I look forward to building a future with all of these important people in my life. Stay tuned.


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