Introductions, family gathering, and my jealous side

Hello, I’m Calli and I decided to give this whole journal thing a try. I’m not sure how interesting these things will be, but mainly it’s just for me to rant about life and how worthless certain events that I like to dwell on actually are.


Today is Memorial Day and I’m at the beach with la Familia. This should be extremely fun and all but it’s really cold. I love the water, and in fact the beach is my favorite place in the entire world but currently everything just seems to be so dull, even the sky is grey and wants me to just be sad.  


Now I’m just going to run on and on about how jealous of a person I am. My boyfriend, I’ll just call him McFluffy for names sakes, tends to have a lot of female friend. Even though I know he’d never cheat on me ever, and I trust him 100%, there is a large part of me that hates the living guts out of girls that can make him laugh. To be perfectly fair, all of his “girl friends” or “female friends” are past girls that he either liked or dated previously, and that on its own makes me entirely uncomfortable. But also,  they  are all super rude to me and like to put me down. There is this one who I will refer to as Regina George who can’t stop teasing him about dating me. Regina thinks it’s hilarious that I’m short, skinny and have a baby face and is constantly referring to me as “a child” or “little girl.”


So yeah, I really dislike Regina and the fact that McFluffy is BEST FRIENDS with her makes me want to curl in a ball and just sleep for a billion, trillion years.  


I kinda steered off track I guess, but back to the jealous part. McFluffy has a lot of female friends, and they are all so pretty and they are all so funny! Sometimes I convince myself that he likes talking to them more then he likes talking to me. I guess that’s just my self conscious self coming through, the part where I look at a girl and think “damn, he could have that girl but he’s dating me instead? That’s not right I don’t deserve him.” 

2 thoughts on “Introductions, family gathering, and my jealous side”

  1. hey 🙂
    i liked how you have given the nicknames i have done the same!
    Im pretty new too! I completely understand the jealousy i used to be the same but the more confidence i put in myself the power seems to have switched to me so yeah do that!

  2. I do definetly think its a confidence thing. I’m working on it though truly, trying to tame this jealousy.

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