Journal Entry #10 (Blume is My Miracle and Funny Rant)

…I did it Blume. I told you my secret. It’s out now. I can’t believe I did that. It feels kinda like a dream. But at the same time, it’s a burden off of my chest. I’m sorry for lying.

Damn fell asleep before I could finish the entry lol. It’s now 3:01 AM. Gotta type fast before I fall asleep.

Too late lol. 5:53 right now.

Blume thank you so much for you words! I feel much better than I have in a while. I can finally be myself to you, instead of lying. I hate lying to you. I will never do that again. You don’t lie to your friends. Speaking of that, how do I tell the others? Will they understand? Some might and some might not. But I’m prepared for anything. Cause I know I have you by my side always.

I also had a nightmare. I don’t remember much. I was up at 3 AM waiting for your response lol. I couldn’t sleep from the suspense okay XD Gimme a break. I fell asleep and had a dream where you message came in and when I checked it it said that you wanted some space from me. I agreed sadly. Is it strange to feel depression in a dream? Cause that’s how it was. I then remember happening upon a group chat with you and twoย more people. In the chat, you were talking as if nothing had happened. I think that’s partly what made the dream horrible. Being fully conscious, I understand why you were all casual. They don’t know what we’ve been through. Maybe one day we can tell them haha ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks again Blume. Love ya bestie ๐Ÿ™‚ Also if you want my Facebook and or a pic of me (Not sure why you’d want it other to confirm my identity. I’m ugly. And I’m not just saying that cause I’m insecure lol) or anything else, just ask ๐Ÿ™‚ I won’t hesitate to give them to you.

Words from my heart to yours: Blume, whenever I think about you, I think of a garden in the winter. There are no plants growing and all the trees are bare. But in that garden, a single plant sprouts and begins to grow. Despite the cold winter air, the snow, no sun and heat, no food and water, that plant grows and grows. Until it becomes a beautiful flower. The flower begins to wave in the wind, spreading its joy everywhere. Soon other plants begin to grow. They too wave in the wind. Now the whole garden’s filled. It’s still the middle of winter. There’s a snow storm and everything is covered. But…out of the snow, the plants begin to rise. Winter is now over. They have made it to spring. As they enjoy the nice breeze and wonderful sun, the original plant looks around. It did this. It started from nothing and created everything. It gave all the other plants this nice life.

When I think of you Blume, that’s how I feel. You’re a miracle. Just like the flower you’re named after. And I love you. For always being there. For helping all us other plants to grow. We’re eternally grateful.

Bonus Funny Rant: Speaking of Facebook, remember my post about Facebook? That angry rant about choking on razor blades and sluts burning your house down and taking your money? Well I just saw another thing I hate. I hate when couples profile pics are of them kissing. No, not regular kissing. That’s okay. That’s perfectly fine and I think that’s sweet actually ๐Ÿ™‚ I just mean when THEY’RE SWALLOWING EACH OTHER FRICKIN WHOLE! Like slow tf down guys! Are you two that famished that you feel the need to consume each others entire being to satisfy your pangs? Did you guys not eat for breakfast? Like if you’re that hungry then I got a couple of coupons for Burger King. Or I can take ya’ll to Panda Express and we can get some chow mein and orange chicken. Maybe some teriyaki with fried rice and an eggroll XD Dammit man. I made this rant cause some guy just sent me a friend request. He is actually my old friends current boyfriend and fiance (My friends grow up way too damn fast. I though we were all the same age and now here they are 18 years old already going to get married. I remember sitting in a classroom with you two years ago! I was 14 then! How old were you?!) And in his profile picture they’re giving a whole new meaning to “Sucking face” like, I gotta look at the pic again cause it’s so funny to look at XD Okay I’m sorry. I’m an asshole, the very thing I hate. Sorry you two. Sorry Blume. I hoped you laughed at least a little bit.

This is for you: 🌹

There’s no rest for those with best bestie miracle soulmates like Blume, so I’ve gotta go.

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