My Fractured Mind

“How are you?”

“…I’m talking to myself.”

Where to begin, where is the end
Yesterday, today, tomorrow
This path has been paved, it’s hard to follow
Starting from scratch
And I’ve lost my match
To burn down the bridge
I wish, it would be my privilege

Start, stop and over again
I think it’s run dry, the ink from my pen
I keep trying to write
You know, fight the good fight
But somehow, I always end up at the bottom
I wish that I could just swat him
And every thought, i’ve caught

I wish I forgot, I wish to forget
Every piece, every memory, every nightmare, every bit
My chest is heavy, like it’s being crushed
I try to keep moving but I keep getting pushed
My mind is scarred, not scared
Even with my life; no one is prepared
I wish it was all just a Universal hoax
That I was just the punchline, for a really f*****-up joke

But life’s not cute, life’s not fair
It just gives you time and gives you air
No one to Hold Your Hand or have your back
You go through it all alone, the blue and the black
No reassurances, no promise for prayers
All you have; is your blood, sweat and Tears
Hard is the ground, to be walked all over
But really a facade, a cover
To hide the hollow, crumbling core.


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