I managed to have a relatively production day today with the scarf project I am working on. I received my logo, which I had made by someone on Fiverr. I ordered label samples. I cannot justify ordering a large quantity of of boxes for packaging right now, and most places I find, to do the kind of box that I want, seems to want you to order huge quantities between 500-2000 boxes. I’m like, woah. I am happy if I manage to sell 100 scarves over the next year. I am trying to be positive, but within reason. 

I do love my logo, though. Although I have decided to tweak it to make it more colorful, black and white just wasn’t resonating with me. As you can see from my post last night, I enjoy lots of color.   

I also bought my domain name. The line will be named after me… So that is the name I got the domain name in. (no, not Fasmia). Is that narcissistic? Oh well, whatever. I like my name, so that will work. 

With my restless sleep, focusing was definitely a feat… but I managed it. Of course, sleep or no sleep, focusing is always tough for me.

I did not feel like cooking anything today so my menu was more blah that normal.

Food Diary:

2 Poached eggs

Deli Turkey with veggie sticks

P3 Pack

Deli Turkey with Sugar Snap Peas

Well, I guess I should drink my tea before it gets cold… (It’s raspberry/pomegranate with a half a pack of crystal light peach/mango tea to sweeten it.. and it is actually really good.) 


Anyway, I am looking forward to Mistresses and The Bachelorette tonight… Yes, this is my life. 

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