Hearing Earthbound Spirits Voices from Doing EVP



What does it look like? 

I hear them pretty much constantly. I hear them in a variety of ways. Often I hear them in my head (internal).  I hear them from the outside (external to me). I often hear a malevolent voice speaking right into one of my ears. In fact, there are occasions when I even feel a faint breath hitting my earlobe.


I hear them often using sources of existing sound to twist and distort these sound waves to make them sound like menacing voices. It may sound strange to someone who can’t imagine it, but they can twist the soundwaves that are emitted from common everyday things like fans, car engines, refrigerators, music, running water, the sound of wind and rain and much more. They will make you question whether or not you are going mad, but deep down, you know you’re not sick, you’re still the same person.


they can cause a variety of physical sensations and disturbances, they especially like to do this as a means of disturbing your sleep, they deliberately try and deprive you of rest. This weakens you, weakens your mental strength, they try and wear you down to where you’re in a state where they can more easily manipulate you.

they often cause strange vibration sensations on your body. No matter which way you twist and turn, they’ll start back up.  They tend to focus these sensations are areas of your body  that cause the most disturbance to you.


they can cause stinging sensations and the sensations of slightly being bittern. They often do this to instill fear and panic which only enhances the sensations themselves. They gain strength off of your anxiety and fear and they will continue to do things that they intend to instill these emotions in you


they lie ….they deceive….they lie some more.  They power trip of your personal beliefs about “evil spirits” and they will spew out all sorts and any type  of lies, deception, “Kool-Aid”, mind games, manipulation, psychological warfare, etc….you name it….., they are masterful at deception…..so take everything your hear with a serious grain of salt


they ‘ll tell you one thing and soon after, tell you the total opposite

they’ll repeat the same phrases to you over and over and over in an effort to cause extreme annoyance and aggravation

they’ll play on your fears, your beliefs, any aspect about you, they’ll size up and analyze, finding some way to use it against you

again, they are masterful at deception, the sooner one sees through their lies, the sooner one can take their power away from them

recently, when listening to their lies and deceptions, I actually time them. Sometimes they say one thing, and then switch it around and say the complete opposite of what they just say in less than a minute.



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  1. This is very true. On the bad nights I would unplug everything including refrigerators. They work through electrical wires and sound waves. Also through Wi-Fi and electrical currents.

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