4. unpacking, new house, and Baby?!

So was supper busy finishing up all the packing, then was supper busy unpacking along with finding out I’m pregnant! 

Went to get the ultra sound dune today and saw baby! but instead of being 10 weeks I’m actually 14 I guess. Quite a shocker, being I had quite along period and a negative pregnancy test the month before heh. 

So that changes due date from a Christmas baby to a thanksgiving baby. 

I have only gained 3lbs so far so that’s kind of nice, being with the first two I had already gained like a stone by now. 

First time I had to do a food journal and of course with me ED history they where worried by afew days of low food just for not being hungry. 

But as I have not felt pregnant this hole time it is very nice to know and a bit of a relief baby is healthy, and developing properly. heart beat was perfect, being 14 weeks figuring out what sex can be a little iffy but we got him to guess anyway and he said boy so 3 boys for me lol. Yes I know it’s not 100% but yeah it looked like a boy to me even, and I have no lab tech training lol. 






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  1. Congratulations! May God bless you with an easy, happy baby that sleeps at night!

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