Concert Etiquette

I feel like concert etiquette has to be a subject learnt in school. I attended a choir concert tonight and it was horrible hearing claps start even before the conductor had put down or relaxed his hand. Am I being too anal?? I doubt so. Shouldn’t it be a universal fact that applause only happens after a piece has ended? To me, even the silence and tension in the air after the last note fades off is still part of the performance. They’re just trying to convey the message and emotions of the piece, and that last few milliseconds is for you to absorb the last bits of the feeling before the applause cuts you off back into reality. Please, give the performers their due respect, won’t you?

Another thing is talking. Before and after the item? Okay, maybe you just have some burning comments to make. But, must one comment so much before and after every single piece?? Plus, loud talking. I feel like it should come naturally as a no, especially when the lights have been dimmed so much. The whole surrounding is basically shouting in your face, “THE SPOTLIGHT IS OVER THERE. YOU ARE NOT IN THE SPOTLIGHT” So yes, don’t be such a nuisance and disturbance to the rest of the audience who actually came to watch and listen to the performance rather than your commentary on it. And please, give the performers their due respect, won’t you?

Lastly, catcalling. I mean, it’s okay if you want to shout before the performance, when they’re walking in and have nothing better for you to hear, but please, not when the emcees are speaking! While I understand the inherent need for teenagers to call out to their friends and be the center of attention (actually, not really), why can’t they exercise some common courtesy? I’m sure “One person speaks at a time” has been a policy implemented since, what, kindergarten! It’s so rude to be shouting over the emcees announcing. If you don’t want to listen, then shut your ears or something, stop being such a disturbance to others. Please, give the performers their due respect, won’t you?

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  1. Quite true but do you think teenagers would pay attention to concert etiquette? I think it would help though if guidelines on when to clap & etc would be announced while waiting for the concert to start. ☺️

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