Day 94 – Stress

Monday, May 30th 2016

I’m so busy studying for tests and quizzes, getting ready for the exams… I’m gonna reply to you one day PrettyInBlack, I promise, and I’ll get you some good pictures to make up for it.

Today was stressful and hurtful cause my legs already hurt, and now my shoulder was in pain for the afternoon. Fun!

1st Period (09:10-10:25)
We did a math test, which went really well, except for one question. It’s usually the type of question that I get a lower grade in, but overall I think I did good.

2nd Period (10:35-11:50)
Visual Arts
I started planning out my reproduction of Li Cheng’s paintings by using his mist technique and the fact that he’s known for landscapes. I didn’t have my watercolour with me, so I made sure that I got everything written down for next time.

Lunch (11:50-12:50)
This is when I pulled my shoulder. I spent lunch with my close friends with the pain, but dealt through it.

3rd Period (12:50-14:05)
Dealt through the pain and we learned some more biology stuff. I wrote down the notes I was missing for tomorrow’s quiz and it’s a little stressful for me, cause I missed a few classes and was too busy to take time learning what I missed and didn’t listen to, so I’m basically learning 4 classes in less then two hours after school.

4th Period (14:15-15:30)
Dealt through the pain some more and read some more of To Kill a Mockingbird, which kept me distracted from it. I also talked with my teammates on what message she wants to do for the ad campaign and we wrote down “Help is available” for mental illness, but my teacher saw “It can happen to anyone” and really like that instead, like, REALLY (quote), so we changed to that. It seems like our ideas for the ads got better too cause of that change.

After School
I spent some time playing Minecraft on the server, before having to get off because the pain was too unbearable, then I studied a lot after we ate, because of my French test and science quiz tomorrow. I didn’t take time earlier to learn what was gonna be on it, because I was so busy with every other project. Is it weird that I get so stressful that I wanna cry, yet I like this stress? This isn’t good for my health. I think I just like it, because it gives me a goal to work to. I need to get the test and quiz out of the way so I only have to concentrate on the science test, English and art. French, I don’t know what we would even be doing afterwards, we don’t have a French exam this semester and math it’s only revision for the exams, so I’m not worried about that for now.

That’s all for today.

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  1. HI, gosh, you don’t have to reply really soon, or anything, it’s just nice to know you’re fine! And, really, I hope your shoulder doesn’t hurt anymore–maybe you should like, put some ice on it if it really hurts? (Idk I have no idea what to do for injuries of any kind). Anyway, I also hope you don’t feel that stressed soon, I’m sure you can get through all your French and exams just fine.

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